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How to Make Money Playing Online Poker

“How to make money playing online poker” This is a common question among those interested in the game. Poker is a game of skill and luck. With enough skill edge, anyone can win and make money.

Making money through online poker by learning how to make money playing online poker is a popular goal for many players. Whether you’re aiming to earn a little extra cash or hoping to turn poker into a full-time income by mastering how to make money playing online poker, it’s important to approach the game with discipline, strategy, and hard work.

It’s important to note that making $1000 a month playing online poker is not an easy feat. The game has become more competitive over the years, and it requires a significant amount of effort and skill to turn a consistent profit.

So, how to make money playing online poker? The answer is to continually study the game and your opponents, manage your bankroll effectively, and put in the necessary hours to grind out a profit. If you follow these principles, you can learn how to make money playing online poker and achieve your financial goals.

Here are some tips on how to make money playing online poker:

This three-part article will talk about the most basic ways to make sure you keep your competitive edge.

  1. Game Selection
  2. The Contrarian Approach
  3. Bankroll Management

Game Selection

If you’re looking to make consistent income playing poker then you have to play with players who are less-skilled than you.

It’s quite simple. Poker is a game of skill and luck. Since there is no control over luck (aside from feng shui and harnessing the secrets of Wudan) – it is a must for anyone who wishes to consistently win to make sure that he is better than the people he plays with.

You cannot expect to be profitable if you would be playing against players who are equal or superior to you in terms of poker skills.

In theory, not playing with people worse than you would have an EV of 0 at best.

How to choose the right games

Reasons to justify the right games to play in would always vary from player to player. What’s important is to maintain an objective rationale when doing so.

In general, there are obvious indicators when the game is “good”. These are some of them.

Players with less than 100 big blinds stacks

This is usually a sign that these players are inexperienced. Having less than 100 big blinds puts them in many disadvantageous situations like not having the odds to call pre-flop or take draws post-flop. This also forces them to stack off with weak top pair holdings that you could easily methodically dominate with strong ranges.

Loose passive pre-flop dynamics

In a game, there is a lot of limping pre-flop usually indicates a weak player lineup. There are two common situations where you can easily profit from these games.

The first situation is constant dead money pre-flop which you could easily take with an aggressive strategy. With the correct raise size with the proper hand strength, you can easily get the limpers to give up before the flop.

Some Thoughts

Game selection has a huge impact on overall profit. A lot of unprofitable sessions could easily be avoided by not sitting randomly in any table.

Choose games wisely, select your battles and make some money.


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