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It can be frustrating to spend long hours playing poker especially when you’re not making decent profit. The good news is you’re not alone. Majority of players deal with the same problem.

Effective strategy adjustments can lead to huge profits when applied long-term.

Here are three surefire ways to improve your win rate at the tables.


  1. Fast-Play Monster Hands

It’s painful to watch players check their flopped straights for two streets then awkwardly claw for value on the river. Most of the time the best strategy is to bet your strong hands so you can build a pot and earn the maximum amount of money possible. You simply cannot rely on other players to bet for you. 

Of course there are instances where checking is superior to betting. If opponents are unlikely to continue because you flopped a boat, then by all means check. If your opponent is a maniac and triple barrels every single time, then by all means check.

However, more often than not, betting your strong hands is superior to checking. So when in doubt you can never go so wrong with simply betting your hand for value.

  1. Double-barrel More Often

Back in 2006 winning players were able to raise pre-flop, c-bet almost any flop and win free money. However, the games nowadays have changed and players, even recs, float and defend versus c-bets quite liberally.

In response to this change, known winning players have taken their aggression to the next street. They double barrel more frequently and get more free money. Players don’t usually have a competent check-call strategy that can face multiple barrels. They usually fold their hand when met with aggression on the turn.

A lot of players call small flop c-bets with the intention of giving up on heavy turn double-barrels (unless they improve).

  1. Fold When You Think You’re Beat

Part of being a good winning player is the ability to fold when beat. Calling too much on situations when clearly behind is one of the best ways to light money on fire. There are several common scenarios when this happens.

  1. Calling to improve with incorrect odds
  2. Calling to “reevaluate” on later streets without a solid plan
  3. Hero-calling on rivers without proper rationale

Humans are naturally curious beings. Often times we want to call to see what happens next. We also want to see our opponent’s holdings and win the pot. When we fold we can’t win the pot. These make folding very difficult to apply in practice. But for the sake of improving your win rate, you’ve got to make those tough lay-downs. 

Final Thoughts

A few simple strategic adjustments applied over time can positively impact your win rate. Be a student of the game and stick to a long-term oriented mindset and you’ll surely take your results to the next level.

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